C.A.D Security services

Mobile alarm response

Our dedicated team of mobile response officers will attend your property for any emergency situation fully trained in the aspect of alarm activation and deactivation they will attend your premises and do a full exterior patrol before they enter the premises,Once inside the alarm will be deactivated and a full patrol of the internal premises will be undertaken if any problems found these will then be passed on to our control to inform the emergency services and the client. if it just a false alarm the the alarm will be reactivated and a statement will be left on site to prove our attendance and list the problems if any found .

C.A.D Security services

offer you the services of cctv monitoring, we can monitor your cctv 24 hours a day or just during closed times, if any intruders spotted on the cctv a response team will be dispatched to your premises and police called our staff are fully trained and licenced for cctv and have a keen eye for spotting the unusual

C.A.D Security services

mobile patrols

Inside and out

Uniformed, SIA-licensed responders make their presence known as they conduct thorough, regular patrols– checking vulnerable points such as doors and windows and reporting back any issues in real-time

.On the move

Mobile guards cover a greater area than static guards and can be deployed more flexibly where demand arises.


Patrols can be rapidly scaled up and down as required.

Home and small business security

Large discounts for homes and small businesses

C.A.D Security services


This services is client controled meaning you the client can request what parts of your home you need patroling from full external patrols or just a drive by patrol this service offers a good deterant as criminals see our regular patrols on your premises and unknowing of our patrol times as no patrols are time scalled to an exact time this puts the criminal on edge and detures them from any attempt on your property,If however someone is spotted around your premises our officers will make them selves noticed and stay with your property till the situation is deemed safe also on arrival if damage was noticed by our officers you will be informed and our officer will stay with your property till its made safe and secure

C.A.D Security services

Residential security patrols

Our residential security is the only one operating in this area and offers you the piece of mind that your homes or vehicles are safe whist your sleeping or away from home in our area the biggest problem is criminals targeting vehicles breaking into them and stealing goods and burgulars targeting homes that dont apear to have any alarms installed a few homes install cctv but criminals dont seem to care as faces are covered and only way cctv will hold up as evidence is when a person can be identified so 98% of cctv footage is useless our residential security is very cheap and affordable to all homes so why not take advantage of it and get up to a minimum of 4 patrols per night keeping eye on your premises and vehicles

C.A.D Security services

Small business security

See all information related to your business such as patrol dates and times,invoices and much more

C.A.D Security services

Shops and small retail premises

Shops and small retail premises also get the advantage of the group discounts and get all the security services in one package for just a small weekly fee you will get the same service as a small business with the 4 x patrols and emergency response and client escort service (to escort you round your premises after a break in to enable your safety whist your doing your checks)

C.A.D Security services


If your a landlord and have vacant properties then we can help you protect them from bugularies or theft of wire and copper and criminal damage just for a small weekly fee we will patrol your properties at least 4 times per night and day contact us now for more info