C.A.D Security Services


      Business security and what we can offer you as part of our services


                                                                                                         Mobile Patrol service

      our aim is to offer you the best service possible to protect your property and valubles our patrol service will offer you the best service possible we will visit your site between 1 and 6 times or more if needed in a 24 hour period our fully trained officers will check all fences,doors, windows and any vehicles stored on site to make sure all is secure all visits will be data tagged so you can see times and dates we did our visits and a statement will be provided to you on a weekly or monthly basis 

                                  We also provide a service to clients that already have a security company on site we can do nightly checks on your guards to ensure thay are safe and preforming their duties to your satisfaction. Our patrol service is available in our membership area if you signed up for a membership then you will recieve a large discount on the normal cost of patrols check it out for more infomation


                                                                                                        ALARM RESPONSE SERVICE

       This service will offer you peice of mind knowing someone can go check your site or premises when a alarm activates we will respond to your call and dispatch a patrol vehicle straight away once on site the officer will do a full check of the area to ensure no unwanted visitors are present and to check for any damage to your property or valubles we strongly advise that no one enters the property untill a full perimiter check as been completed to ensure no unwanted visitors are in the property if a broken window or open door is discovered the local police will be informed before a internal check can be completed this is to ensure the safety of all.

                                                                                                     MOBILE SURVEILLANCE

      This service provides you with a patrol vehicle fully fitted with cctv and this vehicle can be situated anywhere onsite or the main road depending on your needs it will also record on the move we find that this service would be ideal for publicans who get trouble outside thier premises or members of public who suffer with anti-social  problems out side thier home its also available for site patrols

                                                                                                      MEMBERSHIP SCHEME

      This is a service to help cut the cost of your security needs insted of paying full prices such as a charge for each visit or a call out charge for alarm response we offer packages that will suit you and save you a great deal of cash you can get all services required all in one easily affordable package see our membership page for more details