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C.A.D Security cares about public safety more than any other aspect of the job we are dedicated in helping clients protect thier prperty and health we are concerned about the amount and type of crime such as robberies and knife crime which often come together after having a death in the family due to youths on a stolen motor cycle crashing into a family member whist walking on a pavement and having a family member suffer from antisocial behaivour and getting windows broken this as fueled our ambition to help protect the public safety of the public we are not vigalanty we are just commited to help cut crime and preserve our community by showing our presence

Michael Andrew James Turp recommends C.A.D Security Services.

installed our cctv and monitor it also patrol our home gives us a great service we can sleep better at night knowing they are watching out for us and keeping us safe would recomend them also i couldnt believe how cheap this service is great value for money ·

Kerry Watson recommends C.A.D Security Services.

We use c.a.d security services, best service we’ve ever had! Installed cctv for a very reasonable price! Excellent service highly recommend to anyone

Colleen Dibb recommends C.A.D Security Services.

Their home security is a great service CCTV installed by them mobile patrols and a great customer care all at a great price well recommend them to any one.

Gail Collingwood recommends C.A.D Security Services

had lots of issues with ASB and having my motor cycle stolen but since I got c.a.d in and had cctv and have the patrol service ive had no more problems great service and after care support would recommend cad to all only £3.50 a week and well worth the cost