Home security

our money saver deal for all homes and small businesses

as you know for just one home or small business to have a security patrol taking care of them can be very costly here at C.A.D Security we have designed a way for all to find it affordable by simply joining together and paying a single subscription for your street or block would make it much more affordable and give everyone a much more piece of mind

for example if you was in a block of ten homes and all subscribed at £3.50 a week you would all get the same protection as you would if you was to pay for single patrols on your own home at £8.00 per patrol

An average home paying per patrol can run up a very large bill quickly

joint subscription at £3.50 is all you would pay per week and get the same 4 x patrols during the night our point is if we was to patrol one home on your block then we may as well help out all homes on that block as we are present anyway